The Church Troy

FOUR-D Projects presents ISSUE TWO: Devotional, an interdisciplinary exhibition and performance night. The second in a series of shows that seek to string together the written, the visual, and the performative, ISSUE TWO: Devotional begins with of a preliminary half-hour reading—during which the audience is asked to engage with a series of writings about each artwork they are about to see—followed by a performative interpretation of the works, and finally the visual works themselves.

Jessica Chappe & Sohani Holland, Colin Radcliffe, Morgan Spaulding, Michael DiRosa, Katie Ford, Emily Nam, Madison LaVallee, Douglas Campos, MATERIAL GIRLS, Kelsey Renko, Collin Leitch, Emma Ressel, Ori Carlin, Erin O'Leary, Eve Brown, Clara Harlow, Mary Henjes, L Barnes, Kassandra Thatcher, Esther Ruiz, Scott Vander Veen, Peter Schreiber, Madison Emond, Simon Smith, Floryn Honnet, Chelsea Cater, Charlie Mai, Daniella Dooling, Joanna Warren, Meghan Herzfeld, Hannah Berge, Serena Caffrey & Hugh Hopkins, Beka Goedde
Sound Design:
Sam Torres & Matthew Gold

by Emma McCann