for Bard College Experimental Humanities

A project inspired by Linda Weintraub's book LandMarks: New Site Proposals by 22 Pioneers of Environmental Art, which contained proposals for large scale (and often impossible) land art works for the Bard campus by Robert Morris, Nancy Holt, Ana Mendieta, and others. LandRemarks is an app that uses geolocation data to "restage" each of these pieces, guiding a  participant to walk to the place where each proposed work was located, and recreating through archival material and digital renderings.

These maps, accessible through smartphones, contain new creative works (audio/video/writings)  and proposals added by commissioned artists, students, local historians and naturalists, in response to the history and predictive futures of the sites. The content range from student photograpghs to basic field methodology, and reminds participants that interacting with the natural is by necessity a multi-sensory endeavor. The project enabled the public to engage in an active investigation of the natural world, while at the same time imagine and think critically about the possibilities and perils of environmental change.